Rotating oven with metal shovel

Entirely specialized in creating a unique extraordinary product: Our RUSTIC GIRATORY OVEN.

Patented model with which an unequalled cooking result is obtained in all types of doughs and bread sizes

The characteristics of this tool for master bakers are:

  • Heat circulation system, which allows to regulate the temperature of the ceiling and floor at will, without reactions.
  • Total useful cooking surface, without central axis and with a technology that allows an easy turning.
  • Steam system updated to new trends, allowing continuous cooking.
  • Easy installation, even on upper floors, no need to drill floors or modify walls.
  • Works with gas, diesel, wood or pellet.
  • Possibility of exterior decoration to the client's taste
Diametro horno Superficie de coccion útil
1,50 mts 1,90 m2
2,00 mts 3,14 m2
2,20 mts 3,80 m2
2,50 mts 5,00 m2
2,77 mts 6,00 m2
3,00 mts 7,10 m2
3,20 mts 8,00 m2
3,50 mts 9,60 m2
4,00 mts 12,50 m2
4,50 mts 16,00 m2
5,00 mts 19,60 m2

Rotatory oven for organic breads

The new 1.5 m diameter rotary oven combines all the advantages of its big brother, but with lower energy consumption. It’s a design prepared for the production of ecological and organic breads.

Diametro horno Superficie de coccion útil
1,50 mts 1,90 m2